PhD Theses at the Leuven Lung Cancer Group:

Em. Vansteenkiste Johan (Catholic University Leuven, 1996):
Staging and treatment of non-small cell lung cancer with ipsilateral mediastinal lymph node metastases: A clinical and literature study. 
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Nackaerts Kristiaan (Catholic University Leuven, 1998):
Heparan sulfate proteoglycans in malignant cells. 
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Dooms Christophe (Catholic University Leuven, 2008):
Relationship of FDG-PET and biological aggressiveness in operable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): what is the impact on prognosis and the influence of induction chemotherapy in stage IIIA-N2 NSCLC? 
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Wauters Els (Catholic University Leuven, 2015):
DNA methylation profiling of non-small cell lung cancer reveals a COPD-driven immune-related signature. 
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